I decided to start The Green Sunflower because of my children, because of all of the information highlighting the impact that we as humans are making on our planet. This really hit home after the birth of my two children 10 years ago.  Since then I have gone headfirst into my sustainability journey and so decided that I wanted to promote sustainable living for a better planet.  I wanted to bring natural products into everyday homes.

So The Green Sunflower became an idea and then a reality.  I want to spread the word about how to help protect our planet – this beautiful globe that we take for granted, this place that we call home.   I want to show the different ways in which you can replace your everyday shopping items with things that will reduce the impact on nature and our environment.  I want to do this for my children and future generations thereafter. I also wanted to do this for the wildlife that we have the luxury of sharing this planet with, as our decision impact on them and their future survival.

Because I care, I’ve chosen stock that is environmentally friendly, and sourced from the UK where possible. My aim is to sell products from companies who care as much as I do in their values towards the environment through to chemical and plastic free living. I believe that going back to basics is the way forward.  We need to get rid of needless chemicals and toxins in the everyday products that we use, in order to prevent contamination of air, water and land.  We have everything that we need in nature so why turn to pollutants, the things that cause damage to our world, when we can work with what we already have.

We are on a journey into the world of sustainable living and I wanted to share this experience with as many people as possible. I am doing this in the hope that we can all live a more environmentally friendly life using alternatives to the everyday products that we take for granted.  To make those alternatives more easily accessible for all.

With all of this in mind I made the decision to only ship my products within the United Kingdom (UK) in order to reduce my companies’ carbon footprint.

My belief is that it’s time to change and it’s never too late to start!