Feminine Hygene

Our eco-friendly menstrual products are made using natural, vegan and organic materials. They are supplied in plastic free, eco friendly packaging that can be reused or recycled. These products are not only kind to our planet but in the long run are kind to your pocket.

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  • Reusable Sanitary Pads – Bambaw

    Bambaw have developed a sanitary pad that is made for women, by women to ensure that it covers all your feminine hygiene needs.  They are available in:
    • Light flow –  1 pad with 1 layer of microfiber
    • Medium flow – 1 pad with 2 layers of microfiber
    • Heavy flow – 1 pad with 3 layers of microfiber
    All of these pads are made in black to make them discreet and are made from three different materials:
    • Bamboo charcoal for a lovely, dry and soft feeling, which also has odour control
    • Microfiber for maximum absorption and to ensure that they are quick drying
    • Waterproof PUL for protection and some elasticity
    They all have poppers on the wings which ensures that they stay in place all the time. On the packaging you will receive a digital user manual.
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