100% Coconut Oil Dog Soap with Lavender Essential Oil and Poppy Seeds 50g or 100g


This coconut oil soap only contains coconut oil, lye, water poppy seeds which should help with traction for when your furry friend is all lovely and soapy/slippery from their bath and lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil is promoted for it’s calming effect and also well thought of for the skin, including dandruff and minor irritations.

The amount of essential oils that have been used is half the amount that is recommended for humans.  This amount is what is recommended for dogs.  NEVER USE ESSENTIAL OILS ON CATS.

I’ve been asked how to use these bars for washing my pooches.  What your supposed to do and what I do may differ, but I rub the bar all over their bodies and then lather, but I know that you can lather on your hands and then wash into their fur.  The choice is yours.

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As a dog owner I know how much we love our dogs.  I don’t know about you, but I spend more on my pooches that I do on myself or my family.  I also treat them as family because that’s what they are.  So, if we are going eco friendly then so are my best friends.

I’ve found this lovely homemade coconut oil soap which is made from the hot process method.  This gives the soap that lovely rustic look and it means that it doesn’t need to cure as long as cold process soap would.

Coconut oil gives you a highly cleansing soap.  This is just perfect for any dogs who have smelly paws, mucky faces and for those dogs who just love to roll around in fox poo/ cow poo / horse poo and whatever other stinky substance they can find.  If your dog has a greasy coat, then you’re going to love this soap.

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