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This glass cup is designed in the UK and made responsibly in China from durable borosilicate glass. It is 100% plastic fee and made from fully recyclable materials, it is also BPA free. The box that your cup comes in is recyclable card and you will receive a thank you note from the manufacturer.

  • Your cup is 13cm high x 9cm diameter and holds 12oz / 340ml.
  • Made from high quality borosilicate glass
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Thermal sleeve
  • Easy clean (recommended handwash however it is dishwasher safe. But if you wash it in a very hot dishwasher cycle the silicone sleeve and lid will fade over time).
  • Microwavable
  • BPA free
  • 100% recyclable

Did you know that 99% of single use cups are not recyclable?  Single use cups usually contain 5% polyurethane plastic making it extremely difficult to recycle which is why this is rarely done.  The number of cups manufactured around the world each year equates to 70 disposable cups each year for every per person living on our planet.

The idea of the reusable glass cup was by Charlotte Gornall who had the vision of providing coffer purists with an on the go, non-compromising experience.

This resulted in the Neon Kactus cup which was founded in 2018.  A lovely modern and stylish product designed to emulate the convenience and drinking pleasure of the coffee shop whilst reducing the use of non-reusable cups.



This lovely reusable glass travel cup is great for tea and coffee lovers alike. Also, for those of you who don’t like to drink out of plastic or stainless steel because, as we all know tea does not travel well in plastic or stainless steel.  This reusable glass cup keeps your tea tasting just as it should (and your coffee).

Glass is less penetrable than plastic which means that your glass travel cup will not soak up residual tastes, odours or germs. Leaving your drink just as it should be.  As this glass cup is thicker than many others on the market it will keep your drink warmer for longer.  It has a unique textured thermal sleeve and an ergonomically designed splash proof lid which means that it’s easier to drink on the go. Your glass cup will fit under all coffee machines and so your coffee on the go should be both easy and stylish.

Neon Kactus have partnered with non-profit Offset Earth to fully offset their carbon footprint and support a Climate Positive Workforce.

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