Luxury Linen Produce Bags – Tabitha Eve


These fab bags are made from high quality linen cloth.

The size of each bag is:

Small – 20 cm x 16 cm
Medium – 27 cm x 20 cm
Large – 31 cm x 25 cm

Why not buy all three and save £1.50



These luxury linen produce bags are one of my all-time favourites.  I keep them handy in my handbag and glove compartment so that I have them if I make an impromptu trip to the zero-waste shop/green grocers or local market.

Making your own bread is a great way to avoid the plastic bags that bread so often comes in, and these are great for storing your cooked loaves in.

I know that this is not what they are intended for but I also use them when we go camping for the children’s travel games.  They are also handy to keep my stock of soap in so that it’s all in one place.

These bags are pretty much good for anything that you want them for.

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Large, Medium, Small, small/medium/large


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