Organic Bamboo Bath None Sponge by Tabitha Eve


This fantastic super soft bamboo sponge is great for your bathroom and your baby.

Because this none sponge is tough yet soft, it should last you really well if you look after it.  When you feel that your none sponge has come to the end of it’s life, as it doesn’t contain any plastic there is no waste and it is fully compostable.  All that you need to do is cut it up and put it in the middle of your compost heap.

Your none sponge is approximately 11cm x 9 cm

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,This lovely organic bamboo bath and baby none sponge is a great alternative to any sponge that you would normally use.  Normal sponges typically made from plastic.  This none sponge is made from super soft cotton and a lovely silky, gentle bamboo layer.  The inside is made from quilted bamboo which means that there is loads of absorption but no bulk.

Did you know that bamboo is naturally antibacterial and that it dries quicker than cotton towelling?

This lovely none sponge is tough yet soft and will last longer if you wring it out after you use it.  Then you just need to leave it to dry.  If you want to wash it then just put it in with your regular load and finish off by allowing it to dry naturally.


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