Refillable floss dispenser – corn starch PLA floss mint.


This lovely floss dispenser is made from stainless steel and so can be reused time and again. All that you need do once that you’ve used the 50 meters of floss that come with it is purchase the refills whenever you need them.

The refills are also 50 meters in length so should last you some time.

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This lovely looking refillable floss dispenser is a great swap from the plastic version.

As we all know flossing is something that most dentists will recommend that we do daily.  When you buy your floss, you will commonly find that it is made from polymers which are synthetic compounds.  These compounds will either be nylon or Teflon but neither of these are good for our environment.  As we all know they will take up to 500 years to degrade.  Your normal floss will also come in single-use plastic dispensers.

But for those of us who don’t want to contribute to land fill what are the alternatives.  Well, here I have found a super alternative for your oral hygiene.  This good looking refillable floss dispenser.

The eco dental corn floss is 100% plant based and coated with Candelilla wax.  It is natural and biodegradable plus it is vegan friendly too. The floss has a fresh minty flavor making flossing a more enjoyable experience.

The floss is made with a 100% renewable resource namely corn starch. Through a fermentation process the corn starch is turned into a bioplastic which is biodegradable in an industrial compost.

It’s the only way forward, why don’t you swap your old floss for this supper refillable zero waste floss dispenser with it’s eco dental corn floss. Go on, choose the sustainable option.


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