Small Stainless Steel Screw Top Canister


It is made from 100% 204cu food grade stainless steel.  It won’t stain and won’t carry any odours from previous food. Tough and durable so will last so much longer than any of the plastic alternatives out there, it’s leak resistant and dishwasher safe and to make it even better you can out it in the freezer.  100% plastic free – what’s no to like?

Diameter 85mm | Depth 55mm | Weight 111g | Capacity 300ml

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So what can you put in this dinky container, I tend to put things here that I don’t want mixing up with the rest of my packed lunch – things like raising, apricots, chopped apple, biscuits etc.  Anything that’s small that you want for lunch.  It’s perfect because it fits inside the Elephant Box so you can keep all of your packed lunch in one container but separate the things that you don’t want to mix.  The screw top is great and for tidying away at the end of the day it fits nice and snug in the large screw top canister – perfect.


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