Vegan Wax Food Wraps – in sizes S/M – S/M/L -XL or Bread


These wax wraps are made with plant-based waxes, pine resin and jojoba oil.

The size of each wrap is:

Small 8” x 8
Medium 10” x 10”
Large 12” x 12”
X Large 14” x 14”
Bread 12” x 23”

You have a choice of pack size:

Small / Medium
Small / Medium / Large
Extra Large


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These vegan wax food wraps are a great alternative to cling film, tin foil or covering bowls.  When you wrap your products with these wax food wraps, they self-seal by sticking together.  I use them for leftovers, packing the children’s packed lunches, when we go walking, they go in the ruck sack with our pack up and snacks.  I also use them to cover my bowls when we have leftovers or for pre-prepared food.


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